Hi, I’m Howard.

I am a skilled Game / Level Designer, specializing in creating engaging gameplay mechanics and levels in 3D gamespace. I am familiar working with Unity 3D engine + C# scripting, Unreal 4 + Blueprint, as well as other level editors, such as Valve’s Hammer.


Currently, I am specializing in game design and location-based entertainment at the Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University. At the ETC, I am working on games of diverse genre, spanning from digitally-augmented tabletop role playing games (TRPG) to full virtual reality experiences. Here are my GAMES


I have ~2 years of professional experience working as an Architectural Designer. Throughout my academic studies at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and my professional career, I practiced the craft of designing real world environments, including residential, commercial, corporate, recreational, and cultural buildings. Here is my ARCHITECTURE WORK


For further information, you can see my RESUME


Hope you enjoy the visit.

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