Hi, I’m Howard.

I am a Multi-faceted Designer, skilled in creating both digital and physical products, from training simulations and video games to furniture and toys.


I recently graduated with a Masters degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, where I specialized in game and product design. Working in teams, I gained experience designing, prototyping, and polishing game systems, mechanics, and 3D levels. At the same time, I developed a keen sensibility in product design, using User Research and UX principles to inform and drive the development process. I am familiar with using game engines such as Unity (C#), Unreal 4 (Blueprint), level editors, and 3D modelling packages such as Autodesk Maya. Here on the website, you can see examples of my GAME WORK.


A Maker at heart, I previously studied at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, where I received a Bachelors degree in Architectural Studies. I also practiced as an Architect for 2 years at internationally acclaimed offices around the globe. During this period, I honed my craft in designing and building physical objects and environments, ranging from furniture and temporary pavilions to full-scale residential, commercial, corporate, and cultural buildings. I am proficient in traditional handicraft (ex. Woodworking), and computer-aided fabrication methods (ex. Lasercutting, CNC Milling, 3D Printing). If you’re curious, you can see my ARCHITECTURE WORK.


For further information, you can see my RESUME


Hope you enjoy the visit 🙂

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