Roles: UI/UX, Interaction Designer

Development Time: March 2020 – Present

Team Size: 1

Aesthetic: Anonymous Social App for Emotional Catharsis

Platform: Mobile (Android & iOS)


  • Conducting target user research, market analysis, and benchmarking comparable products.
  • Identifying user journey and structuring the core experience flow.
  • Designing, prototyping, and iterating interaction mechanics, incorporating playtest feedbacks.
  • Managing art direction, visual and thematic design of the user interface.

Project Overview

Cosmos is an anonymous, social mobile app designed for users in need of emotional catharsis. It is a place where the users can share their personal stories anonymously with an empathetic, supportive community. It is a safe place where the users feel free of self-consciousness and judgement, where they can self-reflect and discover healing on their journey to emotional recovery.

More coming soon.