Food For Thought

Development Time: 2 weeks

In collaboration with:
Yifei Gong – Game Designer
Rachel Gu – Game Designer
Hyun Jong Won – Game Designer

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Food for Thought is a meta-cooperative tabletop survival game where 4 – 6 players are scrambling for food in desperate situations, where a piece of meat can mean the difference between life and death. Intended for ages 15 and up. Typical Game Length is 1 – 2 hours.

The game is a great icebreaker for all sorts of social settings. Discover the value of food in ways that you have never thought of before, while testing the limits of your wit by deceiving others to your advantage. Yesterday’s friend may be easily today’s foe. Just remember, put your self interest before others, even at the cost of your own humanity.

But, is one game enough to fully know someone? Of course not, that’s why we have two games! Even better, both are infinitely replayable! Depending on the roles you are dealt, unique relationships and social tensions will arise every time!