Keep Me Alive


Game Design Document | Mission Design Document | Github

Roles: Game Designer

Development Time: Jan 2020 – Present

Team Size: 2

Aesthetic: Casual Delivery Service, Third-Person

Platform: Mobile (Android & iOS)


  • Conducting market research to identify market niche and target audience.
  • Directing high-level game vision and implementing low-level working prototypes.
  • Documenting design specifications, such as gameplay beats and pacing, level layout and flow, art style guide in a game design document.
  • Designing gameplay and interaction mechanics using C#.
  • Greyboxing the level layout schemes using Maya and Probuilder.

Project Overview

Keep Me Alive is an indie video game currently being developed in partnership with Yein Jo. The game is a casual, delivery-making experience where the player explores the interiors and extremities of a human body as a red blood cell and delivers oxygen to the body tissues and retrieves carbon dioxide. The target gameplay time is ~2 hours and the platform is mobile phones, such as Android and iOS.