REAL Immersive System


Gold Winner, Medical & Health, Industrial Designers Society of America Awards 2020

Winner, Health & Wellness, Core77 Design Awards 2020

Winner, Virtual Tech, San Francisco Design Week Awards 2020

Product Website | HTC Vive | Cooper University Health Care Hospital

Roles: Game & Product Designer

Employment Period: Jan 2019 – Present

Aesthetic: Training Simulation for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Platform: Mobile Virtual Reality (Vive Focus + Sensors + Tablet)


  • Designing a Virtual Reality application that enables physical and occupational therapists to assist patients with neurovascular & neurodegenerative diseases in rehabilitating physical (motor) and mental (cognitive) skills.
  • Prototyping gameplay mechanics and conducting playtest sessions with target patients.
  • Leading a team of artists, animators, engineers, and sound designers as the project designer & producer.

Project Overview

Penumbra Inc is a global healthcare company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative medical devices. As a game & product designer, I worked with subject matter experts (therapists, neuroscientists, etc.) and developed therapy activities on the REAL System, an all-in-one Virtual Reality platform designed for clinical and in-home use.


Product Development

Since the project is under strict NDA, you need a password to see what I’ve worked on HERE. Please ask if you’re interested!