Into the Abyss

Aesthetic: Action Adventure, Third-Person

Platform: Console

Game Engine: Unity

Development Time: 1 Week (ongoing)

Team Size: 1

Role: Level Designer

Tasks + Responsibilities:

  • Researching and analyzing level design structures and patterns in peer franchises.
  • Documenting a Level Design Document (LDD) with high-level specifications of level goals, background information, map layouts, and gameplay pacing and flow.
  • Gathering reference materials and images for environment design direction.
  • Designing 2D May Layouts using Adobe Illustrator and iterating them through paper playtesting.

Level Design Document: Click Here



The following is a level design document that I’ve prepared for a fictional 3D action adventure game with a focus on gunplay.


Node Map (Macro scale)

Gameplay Beats & Pacing


Callout Map: Burial Chambers



Callout Map: Excavated Building


Callout Map: Cave Interiors



Callout Map: Deep Cavern



Callout Map: Main Crypt


Callout Map: Sewage Network

3D blocking in progress… Stay tuned!