Oculus Launchpad


Program Website

Roles: Game Developer

Employment Period: Sept 2020 – Present

Aesthetic: Casual Virtual Reality

Platform: Mobile Virtual Reality (Oculus Quest 2)


  • Selected in a cohort of 100 content creators to develop and deliver a proof-of-concept experience in 90 days.
  • Prototyping gameplay mechanics and conducting playtest sessions with players.
  • Currently developing a VR game where you use your head to solve just about any problems.


Project Overview

Oculus Launchpad is a program designed and hosted by Oculus to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds with hands on training and support, so they can iterate on their unique ideas and bring them to market. I was selected in the 2020 cohort to participate in the intensive 3-month program, during which I explored various ideas and developed several proof-of-concept prototypes.



  • Gardening


  • AirBnb Management


  • Lizard Simulator